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What is FBO Stack? What is the purpose of it. Who can join this comminity . Is there any fee to be a member and to ask any question here?
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FBO Stack was created by a Government Contracting Consultant to provide prospective and current Federal Government Vendors a platform to ask and share questions related to Federal Government Registration, Certification, Capture Management, Teaming, Marketing and Solicitation Response..
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System for Award Management (SAM) registration is FREE, and your local PTAC , an SBA Resource Partner, can help you complete or review this and other registrations & certifications at little or no charge, as well as assisting you with marketing strategies and most everything else you need to sell to federal state and local government agencies. To find out more Click Here
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FBOStack.com, a Product of Datum Radix Inc, is a for profit, privately owned company and not a part of PTAC or the SBA